Welcome to the portal for online internet applications!



On this page you will find important information for your online contracts. Winter semester




At the top of the menu you will find the online LAN orders for an Internet connection for the apartment Martin Luther Ring 38 or Blechhammer House 1 and 2.




The forms can not be completed online.


First download the form to your device (PC, laptop, mobile phone).


You can find the corresponding IP address for your room in the menu item IP lists.


Select your building in the list, go to the corresponding room number of your apartment and enter the IP address in your form.


Please fill out all the fields provided and save your completed contract on your device.


Sign this contract digitally or insert an image caption. This works best with a smartphone.

If you have any questions, please contact your tutor.



Send the completed contract by e-mail to:




At the beginning of every semester, the Internet connections in all 3 apartements are complete ly unlocked.

Every student has the opportunity to access the Internet and can sign his contract online within 4 weeks.

The deadline includes the application for the matriculation number and the German account with foreign students


Activation is part of the contract and is valid from April to September and October to March of the respective

summer or winter semester regardless of when the contract is submitted.

The only exception is made for students proven to have arrived later.


If you need a router, you can purchase a router (TP-Link) already preconfigured with your data for 35 euros.